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Related article: Date: Monday, March 30th 2009 00th 21 08th -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject: encouter short chapter 17 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very fervidfantasy t and therefore able to create our own fantasies usually based on friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad Best Lolita Sites \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the fORMATTING or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, Best Lolita Sites and for some of you, that could run a memory or two Best Lolita Sites three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Forum u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c u003c \\ \\ u003c u003c u003c first the young teacher named Fred S? ? I deleted your e -mail in error, so that can please send I also wanted to thank you for the kind words that come and say, is the ratio of dissidents let me say a few points. I've really tried very hard to portray the characters with the appropriate emotions thoughts feelings and all dialogue physical properties of the appropriate age. be! Lieve me is not so easy to write imagine that they are thirteen or whatever back Some of the situations and adventures that my characters are at the top surreal and just before - but is this aspect that makes me the author with the challenge of the characters in context, while keeping with these situations. The end result is that all that much fun to read, I did enjoy to write to Finally, you can not leave for a few days for the next update or too late - watch this space ! **************************************** **** ************************************ ********** **** **** Chapter 17 - St Michael rides again Tom was about to mourn. " Enough is enough... please stop! " He said trying to get two pairs of hands away with claws on the front of his shorts in gray. tried in vain to free himself, but it was a hopeless situation, when a s excluded third pair of hands, she soon felt overwhelmed and broken all short, but open as a postcardwas suddenly down to expose white briefs. tears rolling down his cheeks, he could barely utter the words " No, no no no... please... do not know.. " " Come squeeze and see if his cock is hard ! " " Oooohh fuck ! "Tom grimaced as several fingers dirty little heat n drive even if the fly of his pants and San Miguel took his erection from the tap. " ' dirty bastard... Who would have thought that was hard! " Tom suddenly stopped fighting and his body went limp, he could not Keep more problems, more tears rolled down her face. She was then that was broken in a fit of uncontrollable laughter , seconds later n Alex and Simon landed all three of screaming laughter. "shit " he exclaimed, when he comes to fight for breath and not against the his shorts " Gawd, I'd be very good if attacked two for real! " " Leave it open... "Simon said, pointing to the view of the zipper that is now closed and soon got white trousersin sight. " I can not," someone comes in... Spose but we plan to stay here this room at all, let loose the lesson which ended forever. " " YER guess that, " Alex said, " Anyway, we must stop wasting cabinet lazy property. D ' you think we do it all today? "n " I can help. " Simon said they are looking at," Want " " help? please, why not, Miss Jameson will not find it? "Said Tom, " I have enough of them smelly clothes and who knows what else could we are at the end of it are. " " Dave and Joe are out to sea then listen, ummm ? " Asked Simon giggle again. " WOT a couple of guys dirty as they had done! "Alex said, laughing n in the thinking of the boys pushed into a cubicle. " Hey, I did not expect, did not have any pants today, could not see anything under his trousers, and the outline of his cock really shows, " Simon added mischievously, " but still the wet spot was in the final, where `s ad a piss ! " "D ' you think? "Said Tom," do not want my pants n minus 1 day, so! " " dirty lawn, " Alex said," Hey, and just think how easy it would be , give me a hand on yer leg shorts... oohhh ! " " This is everything you think a bitch! "Said Simon, " here, but ' spose leaked a little, or nothing at all due to falling off! the whole front would be covered in the pee!. " " That's not true ! That's all you think, Simon... if is vague fingering pee yer pants, " Alex said with a smile Simon seemed a little shy. " I know ", he said, " And I 'll try , and speaks me one day! I am! " " Mmmmhhh.. Could " Alex muttered," you "and winked. " idea of fun, right? Everyone can do it! "Tom said, laughing," now come to stop urinating and we have to go to the closet and opened left out of the way. " " What is the bet of Dave and Joe get in each others pants right now! "Said Alex as he picked up his bag, " I'd rather be there to be doing this with blood cupboard. " " So I would ! But come and go and I see Mississippi unlock there, Simon can hide around the corner is open to it. "Said Tom. Use lasted less than five minutes later before the two boys were no moisture back into the closet odor, saw, " I think it is only as great lot out there on the corner of what today holds. "Said Tom:" You go and you Simon and I 'll go first. " " OK, "said Alex went to the door, " back in a minute. " Tom went to the pile of smelly clothes. " Well Tom... She finished, then? "Said Alex, smiling, joined in the room moments later with Simon in tow. "stupid bastard ! " Came a voice ordered lots of clothes. Simon saw are" the two have made a very good coming up now, let Let's go for it on reality. " " Love to, "said Alex, " but do you think, we have to delve into " all the week! " Simon and pulled out another pair of girls required \\ \\ n green PE Panties " Fuckin ' hellGross... and the smell! " " Beware, there could still feminine pieces in them! "Alex says chuckling. " Oh crap... yukkkkkkk... "Said Simon. He threw them down," that do not think there's something really ummm ? " Horrified at the idea of ​​ touching even remotely in touch with the girls! " stupid bastard ! No, " Tom said with a smile:" It's a shame you can not find without children pants is not it? " " Yer, it would be great, "said Simon, " Imagine carrying some that another child had other... HHMM you know... Masturbating in! "Tom said, looking for n Simon. " " " What a dirty sod like you, you mean! So anyway, I'd bring them! "Said Tom always rubbing the front of his shop shorts n. " You're not a dirty boy, right? "Alex said with a smile:" I know Would not it be ? " " Yeah, I bet Simon sniffing and licking the inside of them... that could do that, as I had... hehe, " adds Tom, " ah, we know that n Simon likes the smell of males y... and vague ! " Simn was a little pink ", which can not help me, I love the bums ! " "I do not know," Tom said with a smile: "I do not mean yer fingers ? e I actually loved it too ! "n " You are a bloody pair of properly, "said Alex delve into the stack, " Hang on... I thought I saw something white ! " \\ \\ n " Wow! look! " Alex said that after a few seconds. He took a very dirty Boys Best Lolita Sites white waistcoat, "Well, it's a start, eh ? " as the optimistic Simon grabbed quickly, " yer see even if you have spots cum on her " " How old was the child's rate, which was then? " asked Tom, " no looks as if it were much larger than we expected... " \\ \\ n " probably. " said Alex look at the label, "Hey, is not San Miguel to " ", what do you get Tom Yes, some of his pants now, but not West, not for children. l `em hate! " the boys filled while Simon, the self-proclaimed expert cum dry studied with fluorescent tubes age. Actually, it was s impossible to say that he had used since I was quite orbviously use the major patches on the front to fill many drops, many of urine. However, Simon was convinced that some of the soil had dried cum. " Look," she said, as the solution of a great detective s a complex case, "which is cum dry patches... " "wait... Hey, they always had, which was hidden in his pants ? "said Tom," can be used to do that! " " Good grass vest, let's see if we can find pants ! "said Alex excited and turned to the pile. For all three boys to dive through it at high speed, it was not long before that found the treasure.. " Fuck! " Alex shouted enthusiastically: " I ​​was lucky again... look, " Now was waving in the air, which seemed to be very dirty par written for children. "Shit," said Tom, laughing, " I saw all the dust falling ` an that s of ' em, no wave ' em around, going, or if we cover everything, something is shit ! " " are sorry! not it. " said Alex. He placed just so they can be immediately returned to Simon, the Best Lolita Sites stars at the top of the stack Ted is still re-examine forensic minutes under a fluorescent light yellow. " I have a hard! " Alex announced, scratched through his shorts. " Mmmm, and I'm not too far! " Tom chuckled, feeling in his pockets, "And you, Simon? " There is no answer. Simon was also excited to hear Tom took the initiative to double s down and grabbed the front of Simon's shorts, which produces a shrill n Simon confirmation. " You dirty little tosspot " Tom said, " You fucking hard ! " N "I know this is fucking hot! " Simon said, apparently, really excited. He put one hand in his pocket and tried to organize her new hard dick now partially painted on the fly of his pants caught urinating. " Yer, in their places here. " He said, opening the bag of yellow and also shows the other, "Fuck ! Guess who leaked a hell lotta pee, all is yellow and I can not tell whether or not cum " looked Alex in them. " you look about the size of Tom, "he said jokingly, ", andsome drag marks as well! " " It's not just tire marks, " Simon said, chuckling," that's a bloody heap up! " " to think there must be cleaned up your ass! "Alex said. " Hey, you have experienced any slippage marks then, " asked Tom, " that is always on them! " Alex was a little red. Masturbation is one thing, but checking other children pants was another interest Skidmarks remained particularly quiet as well as its best friends! However, it soon was saved from further embarrassment by Simon, n shouted : "Hey, these are San Miguel and ask how they both have here? " " Are you saying that if it comes to children 's underwear and if you lose both at the same time ", Tom asked with enthusiasm. " shit ! "Alex said," What do you expect ? Do you think he went home without at n after all? " " No idea, " said Tom," but let's face when he lost his underwear here in the property, should fucking hard for you to lose the same September 1. Strange innit ? " " I wonder, "said Simon squeezed his cock. He thought himself dares to dry or smell the urine would be a bit more of the other n dos. He decided against it, for now, as always some different ideas Alex was only spending a few seconds behind at the head of Simon n the first question: "Well, then Tom will get 'em hung as you said ? " " Fuck off No. " Tom 's immediate response was, " only in `em, I would like to see probably catch something ! " \\ \\ n all laughed. Alex went to the opposite side of the stack, as if to start a new classification : "Probably you're right, they are bloody, dirty," he said. Simon, but was now very, very active throughout the state could not resist, suddenly turning and pushing for Tom was with the face down, almost to the pile ! He grabbed my legs, which he called Alex, who keep the poor ! "Son of a bitch... let me go ! " Tom said, laughing, struggling, " come on, we can finish the upgrade. " "Hold it... Alex, "said Simon confrontation with the legs", and "Not let him go s, I would take it and put on underwear! " " Fuckin ' brilliant! "Alex always said very excited. " Sons of bitches! "Said Tom, as he could to break the attempts, but now he in the heap of old clothes that are not stretched to escape the situation. Alex gave us the charge to make it easier in the arms, but slipped down and manages to maintain control, belly landed press of the hill, his face inches from Toms. n "Hey, we have to stop meeting like this, "said Alex with a smile, " ooohhhh.. and Look at this, it feels fucking great! " With that began to push the pile, as he looked into her brown eyes Add to laugh. " You know, Tom, if Simon was not here I ` d give you a kiss! " likely to be " is fucking stupid! "Said Tom," You can kiss my ass! Oh hell to do, seeing that , is so hot, I'll be with you! " So to the delight of Alex n, also began to push the pile. None of this was lost on Simon, but he had no plans for its valuecaptive. At a time when the ankle was released Tom and crawled to what that was the weight of his body now rests in Tom 's ass, which allowed him slim waist with arms locked. "Alex," said Simon, as he started undoing the buttons of his shirt to Tom, " I do not know that we are about to get to coat it with the release of their arms and then has escape possible. " " Fuck... is this removed... oh shit... "Tom began to grind continued his crutch on clothing. ' Eggs ! "Alex said, " It's a shame, I wanted to see in the crowd... " " So I have, " Simon said sounding disappointed. Tom thought. The use of dirty underwear unknown child, which is actually called Best Lolita Sites " Hey, what about a truce? " " WOT? " Said Alex. "WOT is Tom ? " N " Well, that's so damn sexy, is removed and taken prisoner, that ' s Tom began to carry between ' and 'Alex Spose I let go his arms and I can count to five, without a fight. Does this give you time to Get the vest on me and then I start to fight. " " Yeah! "Simon said very excited," but give me a few seconds to go Loosen yer shirt first. Wait until I say OK? " Within seconds he was right, the front is now wide open. When Simon Tom ended up tweaking small nipples and felt quickly, as their way to the chest white hair, the Confederation of short waiting School tantalizingly below. " Mmmmnnh... Ready? "Said Alex. " if you are. "Said Tom " Yes, I finished the vest, "said Simon," It's jackets and shirts out and I'll put this in it, the count of three... a... two... three... go! "left Tom relax, Alex pulled his jacket in a very short time, fast n followed by his white shirt. " Do not rip the damn thing ! "Cried Tom in alarm at the speed with which it s been robbed. " leeeeeffffttttt two seconds... " His words were drowned, as the dirty vest up over his head, " major arms... now, "said Simon, who destroyed the vest of Toms white chest. " I have you ! "SImon proud. He sat back in the ass Tom " this vest Cor smells like pee" Alex was with Tom in his arms to fight again, " do me a favor" order. " WOT " said Tom winced. " Now you promise not to fight if I have a press arm par seconds? " " Why? " Tom said with a smile: "What I can get? " " you could see me cum! "said Alex," C'mon, it's only for a few seconds is all I want to do, undo my pants! you promise me ? " " "Fuck, yeah! "Said Tom lit up his eyes when he stopped to fight! "Hurry up! " In less than two seconds, Alex had assigned their shorts and reverse to the knees, some a little tired looking Wolsey s are white pants, surprisingly, have a huge tent was the middle! Alex smiled and said, "I could not bothered by them! Have washed wanked'm, so that was very cool! " He smiled Tom, " Dirty stupid! " Ramming his crutch back in the pile of clothes began to fuck Alex over again. I found it very erotic Tom. Small gray shorts halfway and s pert little ass white panties stained ny moving rhythmically down. paused, looked at Alex and smiled and looked deeply into the eyes of Tom back before saying : ". I'll try to work on my pants... just for you, " Now, what are real friends? Tom knew that look, that was very special and only a few steps before times. He blinked, his throat was dry, "Thou son of a bitch... ummm " that could only. Meanwhile, Simon was also used underwear on the way to heaven! And from the way I saw it was going pretty sure it has the wings before he even came to My arms around Tom 's waist and his own cock was rock solid determined Toms ass crack, drag it down gently. Finally, after fiddling with the clasp on Tom Short, who finally managed to undo just realize that the zipper was, of course, still remain in place! Therefore, no n sin considerable joy, slipped hhands is one of the hot writhing body and found the zipper to make management most of the form is allowed by Tom Hahn, white shorts to push through the space and n \\ \\ in the pile of laundry. Hot little hands of Simon were, of course, on a mission traveling and miss a lot, especially the invites bag, which was attacked and squeeze in a little affair Tom Hahn. Simon fertile mind was in overdrive and planning for all staff, and that s now able to integrate some of their own fantasies into reality! Withdrawal of its hands down, squeezed his cock hard at the same time cracks in Tom, as he placed a hand s reach deep into the pockets of every Tom in front of Tom 's panties. Tom was in captivity would be really something now, he could not hurt his implicit confidence n le kidnappers and decided to just do what you do with it sexual pleasure. Like wearing Alex his white trousers, his face just inches away Tom was an increaseDible emergency caress you, that was impossible. His dream did not last long, had awakened , as Simon started with the front of your card to play the pockets of the pants! With the zipper undone and the two flaps of Simon went back into the pockets near a breaking point, while trying to received under the waistband of the pants Tom. Above all, in fact, as many times Just as it is only the cover of the bag between him and Tom cock jerks. keeping one hand in a bag attached to Tom 's cock as he managed to be a hunchback, Simon, with his free hand for their own short films and soon to be reversed with a lot of was writhing around her knees. Alex noted with a smile, nodded and could not imagine what goes through the head of Simon! n atural to suppose that is connected with the bums ! Now With his shorts and pulled his tail frantically to escape s own underwear, Simon was the next task for the execution of another lighting is the result maneuver pulls Toms short right. The situation is helped in this way Tom, of course, was on stage, where everyone would be done something to him and he would have the pleasure ! ! Their violent struggle was undoubtedly related to the hardness of his penis back, from now on to get a little red in the N-terminus of the constant friction of the Humping in his pants n Simon looked at Alex: " you are running yet? " " damn close," said Alex, "Look! " He always said his knees and indication of the smallest small wet spot on his pants pocket. " I wish I could do that. " Said Tom, a little embarrassed. "with WOT I'll do for you, you !" Simon answered, pushed bulky Toms rewritten crack. "Hey, Tom, we really need to stop, as strong now... we can not do just a little a bit of" Tom thought, " Yeah, why do not you kill me Best Lolita Sites that stretches ?. but let's go stay in the same position, right? " " Thank you for that shit I have to stop cock fuck in front of me is too sore to Best Lolita Sites masturbate \\ \\ n ", saidAlex and pulling down the front of your letter, laughter the three at the same time as Simon said, "But Tom, I have yet to treat you like a prisoner... OK " " Sure. "said Tom, with his arms visibly relaxed, " the first thing that all yer pants have focused on Alex and see that things wet! " collected Alex Best Lolita Sites and pulled the front of his pants exposing some urine stains and dried at the end of its tail, which certainly looked very red and pain. But there was some little drops of precum oozing cut his urine. " Hey, come closer, we want... we will see," said Tom leaned forward with enthusiasm, with , and was almost bigger than Alex practically pushed his crutch in Toms s face, which is of some quick thinking on Tom as part of her moist lips took closed around the swollen head ! " mmmmmhhhhh... kiss... better," Tom muttered between sips and try to open the tip of the tongue of the little pink cut. " Oh, shit ! " Alex could say was, like Tom continue to operatehis tongue around the is the fungus gives a soft and gentle tongue bath. "You dirty bastard !" Said Simon. Look carefully at the head of Tom moved slowly across the four-inch tail twitching Alex devour. " Not one to miss an opportunity, led by Simon quick inspection panties Alex and said : "You have to pee stains and Alex! " " Fuck you ! "Alex replied, laughing :"Oh... shit... Tom... ooohh... I... " Simon smiled and reached around Tom 's waist, where they seized the front of Tom 's pants Best Lolita Sites and slid his hand under the elastic waist feel his hot throbbing member. Tom had received threats in the cloud nine, before coming to Simon was the same as s with the use of Alex, the entire valve in the mouth and hand are now rhythmically squeezing Simon sensitive area of the tail, directly below the head. which scene. All that cutting children with their white shorts and underwear either party intentionally demolished or left so that wandering hands can ENJoy the excitement not only groped her prey, but also to do is the position while they were still in his underwear. he If you cum first? Simon now on the other hand was placed on the waist band on the n back and headed towards his goal, but first had to visit Tom crack! Move your little finger up and down the heat, sweat, soon had cut the dimension of the corrugated ass and rubbing in a circular Movement Tom writhed in ecstasy. Simon discovered that he could balance the n ot of excitement caused by anal explorations with a clever manipulation of balls of Tom 's cock with his other hand. N Simon Hahn, rather thin, nearly four inches worth now been difficult to as is almost always painful, and was desperately looking for a little attention to your account. He managed to take the side of his shorts and let rub the soft, white blanket Tom tramp. With her hand on the back Toms pants and the resumption of its mission anals mission, he whispered to Tom, before bursting into laughter : "I hope your ass is clean! " This was Tom Alex, the tail side of the mouth and a half hatch turned his head, said " WOT?of course !" before he laughed. This was fun Alex heard it before saying, "No bloody attack now Tom, I'm about shit" n " Simon... Hey," said Tom, turning himself, " I remember Alex, who is the broker expert brand " Alex Hahn, a small trickle that goes from the corner of his mouth again Just for a moment, Alex was pink, now knew his secret was out, and do not forget, but was soon smiling again when the lips of Tom closed around his cock slippery and took his task. Simon had because now his middle finger to Tom and presses it - right to the second knuckle Trembling with joy, Tom acknowledged that he simply can not, since moving a has been determined by Simon, were taken from the hands holding it now front and rear. Powered byemotion with his arm over the back Tom slips Simon had made ​​the most of the position and continued to press on their behalf, in the form of a finger, which is dig deeply into the opening of moisture symptoms. The power contained, allowing any number of Tom squirmed to escape a situation of all over the eroticism of children, forearm because Simon was coined in Tom wet crack apart forcing your hair white cheeks. What Simon did not appreciate that this quickly to a definition of the moment n, like his older brother type, which would reach the point , where his performances have been finally abandoned its overwhelming regulated sexual desires. All logic and inhibitions were discarded to prevail fantasy. Simon had long been the butt of his own fascination and indeed as the age of nine years had played with him, but never dare to go with a finger as that is not " dirty " as he was convinced it was his will. Pencils, however, is a different matter, especiallymind if they have any kind of end packages, as n is very popular and rightly so, pencil -striped lighthouse bolisha. Certainly has been designed to be small children in mind! Of course, in general, he was wrong to be in the "dirt " factor and that after his recent confrontation with Tom apparent bum in the bathroom. It was when he was able to see his brother secretly Art enter the full year, unabridged Simon pleasure finally understood that his ass was magically connected to the queue and not be considered dirty. Consequently, in recent days after s revelations had plunged into Simon had secretly performing some n self -exploration. Now she is happy with his finger, he could always be washed right end n In these meetings were something I really had fun and it place regularly at night in his bed in the security the covers. It was is still a bit wary of the "dirt " - factor, and took it wearn the panties under his pajama bottoms, as the last thing he wanted in his tracks were n pajamas! Of course, in his underwear doing nothing, but significantly increased its sexual education and feeling he experienced when he felt n in the elastic, trying to reach your hand threads on the inside to be No ass very hard. As in the phase that often experience dry orgasms multiple times could work in a climax if only in search of his hole and then again the finger of s was in place it works! The need for lubrication was a little that is not completely mastered, even though he remembers to look at art that was highly recommended! Meanwhile, spits on his finger had to do only with the hope that things are not too dry before the interior of use it was not long before I had two fingers of Tom and tense explore more of the hot aisle, something I had not really been able to do in short previous visit. It was almost as if lubricated fast in a certain way, but did not like and do not mind as s now playing a flat rate with a particularly captivating soft balls directly behind Toms. If only reacts like yours, who had hoped Tom soon on the way to a thrilling climax. with the head of his s Tom is buried again, with stains on the jacket of urine, your care now Tom 's reaction for prostate massage, fantasies focused Simon were n was resolved to hold the paper if its reality. Simon finds the whole situation and the intoxicating smell of dirty vest, I wanted now was sure to see Tom wears the pants in bright colors such as good. He leaned back and saw Tom gray shorts were just starting out in force trapped by the ankles and white briefs, partly stopped a little are removed. " Tom," Simon whispered excitedly, " I do not move to do something... promise? " Tom barely nodded, his mouth was for Alex Hahn, who was on the verge of exploding. Alex looked at the interest, in view of this perhaps enough to send him over the edge Simon was like a flash and before Tom had realized what was going on \\ \\ n he found her shorts and pants are quickly removed, leaving bare No other as for the dirty white vest. His face mottled white bum Simon, now up, pants hanging around their knees and put his children as a stake. After the battle for the white panties dirty game again inside out, soon had enough and moved to Tom 's legs to make sure that His cock was really into the bag spotting. is n seconds later, Simon returned to their original place of Tom. Now he began to rub for all symptoms and the contours of her panties with occasional trips between the elastic tired. Of course, it was not long before he could play again, symptoms ass. With his free hand, he managed to grab the back pArt by Tom panties and pull them around to the side enough to allow the view hole Toms does very well. Tom was the sudden change of of cold air and tried to turn around to see what was going on, but Alex was so close to a climax, that none of it and put Tom's head down in the queue. Alex looked at Tom and smiles out of breath, " Shit... I'm almost running... " smiled Tom and I thought I was not too far for you! He kept sucking n If we take almost the entire length of Alex 's cock in her mouth, then he n had a thought and slide his cock from her mouth, gasped, "Alex, I think this will love you! " " WOT? " Alex asked, his tail is producing wet precum small balloons that is reflected in the light only a few inches from the face of Tom. " WOT ? No, damn stop now! " " " That, "said Tom," I had never done before! " Before returning Alex on tap, then quickly lift his head laughing again adding, " And yer skate brands lawn!. " As he spoke, his right arm moves forward quickly and just below Alex 'n loose writings. But instead of catching balls from Alex as expected, slid his right hand between the legs and then through stockings use feel the leg to finish Alex sweaty. was only a fraction of a second before Tom organized the little puckered hole and stuck his finger by then go so far as it would be totally surprised by Alex! more by luck than skill, having beaten in full force with dirty fingers of the prostate , which immediately caused her orgasm Alex largest and better forever! his cock, and desperate for liberation began to break, causing the entire contents of your hair in ballsac Tom is hungry and waiting mouth. swallowed with a little fear at first, but then began to background sucking every last droplets of speed you can body s contractions! in contrast to what is often described as a typical child of Alex, who he just started this habit of masturbation is not really much to produce over a boot and a few non-aqueous liquid cloudy. However, both he and Tom does not help, and both were more than satisfied. Keep Alex tail still held his lips, tried in vain Tom actions of his situation was not really believe what he happens, or even what he did. Everything seemed to be is a bit of a strange dream, each had his pants down, and was clad only in a few other guys dirty urine -stained pants and vest, while n was her ass Simon was skilled finger fucked. He also had one of his fingers with his best friend Alex ass! Tom was confused, had events moved very quickly and knew little, , but there was more to come. One thing he knew for sure was that his own orgasm fast approaching, and no one stops them. With this in Before starting his swollen head was banging his penis against the stackdiscarded clothes, only to find dirty underwear now invasion of Simon 's hand, trying to keep the same war end n sensitive tail Apparently, the situation could not continue since all three children were in as a state of sexual arousal that their hearts beat almost audible. Alex had already reached an orgasm, but he remained absorbed by Tom, who had followed the probe in the ass. Tom was, of course has not yet reached the same heights of joy was not far. Simon n Who was the youngest, was the whole situation really is always right Best Lolita Sites overwhelming and he was easily accomplished with a flood of new emotions that can not understand and it quickly became can private all right. In these circumstances, Simon was the only thing that seemed somehow are natural, if a little animal. Pulling hot ass fingers Toms old broke exposed underwear aside, most white spots Toms rear bumhole slightly apart from the two fingers, only the n busy. As if by instinct, Simon quickly filled the void with their own young throbbing cock literally knock on as he would, and Tom pressing hard against his ass. It was not long in deciding what n to do with your free hand either - which was, as all their singles inhibitions were gone long. Has just two fingers, the has worked his way through the charming narrow passage to sneak into his own firm Tom s tight little hole and allows them to make their own prostate. obviously had something that matters at the top and was the act of Simon incoming forced to be the key to the many orgasms, which should follow shortly. The first orgasm was his, and generated by the act of sodomy Tom, where the small body Simon literally trembled when he experienced a dry orgasm really powerful. hand squeeze poor Tom Hahn, who also took a shattering dry orgasm, close ass, literally tap instead of Simon, who shuddered uncontrollable. This two orgasms are not mutually exclusive, as Tom pinched surprising nor finger in the ass and the tail of Alex on the lips! If the knock -on Alex effect soon panting on the edge of another orgasm and slippery cock resisted and twisted at the mouth of Tom. Finally, broke, dripping saliva everywhere, and that shook violently in the vain hope of Best Lolita Sites sperm production a little more. Tom on the other side was literally on the receiving end of Simon and is orgasm during childbirth, of which Simon squeezed his cock like poor Tom had is a lemon ! And, like lemon, Tom Dick and threw reacts first charge of cum all over the aqueous interior of the old letter. Like Simon, Tom in his mind was always pretty sure that everything now. The tingling I had just witnessed, that just puts a second dry orgasm good it was. However, Simon had felt in the shaking of the body Tom, and no doubt felt the hot liquid dripping all in their hands and in my pants. excited Simon finally gasped, "Tom Tom...... you have cum in yer pants ! " Tom no. I could not in Simon withdrew his hand as underwear and waving fingers almost surprised by Tom's face : "Look... look... it's really cum... " Alex was not much more the ball and was on his knees before Tom. In fact, seemed rather sweet, with his pants sagging, his cock n or hard rock, but very sore and dripping saliva, but still the hand of Tom between her legs and her butt ! not say anything, Best Lolita Sites he stared and smiled Tom. With all that had happened before, Simon was totally overstimulated mind. It seemed almost in a trance just stared at the cum in the fingers, but still surprisingly vague fingering own! Somehow, Tom knew he would see for themselves. In response, almost in slow motion movement, withdrawsd the arm between the legs of Alex Best Lolita Sites and looked at his fingers , which has caused so much joy to children before the hand of his s slipped into the front of his dirty underwear. Reaching the tip of the tail thought it was loaded, then felt for the bag and found what s sleep, a little wet and sticky zone. Deliberately, he rubbed his fingers for all. Its juice mixed with his best friend, which is coated with a finger. seemed to do the thing. Her face lit up with a big smile, looked up with tears, Alex the cheek and said softly: "I can not cum I run " in all nobody heard the commotion the door to open, but all heard that the strike. "What the hell is going on here... !"
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